Younger,Healthier Hair With Roux Beauty Review

Roux LogoDisclaimer:I was given products to test and review free of charge.However doing a review is always my choice and all opinions stated are mine and mine alone.

I have been using Roux Beauty products for about a year now,so I was super excited to try the new Anti-aging line.

The new line allows you to lather,rinse and renew your dull boring hair back to it’s youthful ,healthy appearance.

Roux Anti-Aging

The Keratin repair shampoo,conditioner and hair serum are my new go to daily products.All three used together have added lots of shine and body back into my dull hair. Plus I love the scent of the shampoo. This line is also sulfate free,so no yucky chemicals to weigh your hair down.

In just one week I saw major improvements.My hair looked thicker and had a lot less frizz.Just overall my hair looked healthier and I got comments on how shiny it has been. Guess that means not just me has noticed the changes.

Roux Beauty also has four new Anti-aging leave-in treatments to match your hair needs. I used the Extra moisture treatment as my hair tends to be overly dry. Plus these are super affordable at just $9.29 for four treatments.


So if you too have hair that is starting to show its age,then head to your nearest Sally Beauty Supply store and check out Roux Beauty products. Hair care at a price anyone can afford.

So skip those high dollar treatments and get products that really work for a lot less!


Let me know what you think