What’s In My Bag????

OK guys one of my fellow blogger friends over at therosysnail.com has decided for fun that a couple of her blogger friends would come together and show everybody what we carry around in our purses day-to-day.
I have to say I was a little worried what I might find in mine as it has been a long time since I have changed bags or cleaned it out for that matter:)

So here goes nothing……First off my bag is nothing special or fancy but I love it! I bought it  at my favorite bag kiosk in the mall for a great deal $35.I tend to carry the same bag til it wears out. I love my beauty products,but not much of a “bag” girl.

As you can see I do at least match though. Here is what everyone carries your basic wallet and check book.I do have some really cute owl checks though that the hubby hates but I truly adore.

I also of course also carry my phone every where I go. This is my new baby the Galaxy S3(great phone). Best birthday gift I have gotten in a long time.It helps me keep in touch even while on the go.

And as an avid couponer I also carry my coupon holder every where I go just in case I find the perfect sale item while out shopping. I also have some Wally World and HEB receipts and quite a few ink pens on hand.

Now on to the girly stuff in my bag. I have my cute mirrored compact,rubber bands,Julep lip balm,The Balm lip plumper,Maybelline Baby soft,perfume,lotion and hand sanitizer from B&BW. And to carry all my lip products I have my cute little Burt Bee’s carry bag. I think my lips will be soft no matter where I go.I love,love lip products!

I also have my car keys since I need those to go anywhere,my meds I take every where,because my back is horrible! I then have my favorite perfume holder my trusty Travalo,my two in one Covergirl lipstick and some peppermints on hand just in case I need a quick breath freshen up.

And finally the last of it! Wow didn’t know so much stuff could fit in one girls purse! I have my cute Kleenex pack,some more lip products including my Chicken Poop lip balm I love so much and my Karen Murrell lip stick. And who could forget my most important item in my bag.My pocket photo album of my adorable grandsons to show off to everyone.

So guys there it is my purse in all it’s glory. So what do you carry in your purse that you just can’t leave home without???

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