Wexy Bags


So as my family has started to change our diet and worry more about the nasty chemicals in our environment there is one item I hadn’t even thought about being dangerous to my family .Plastic ziploc bags! Most have BPA and are not biodegradable.That is were Wexy bags come in.

These adorable snack bags are BPA free and biodegradable.So not only can you feel good about the snacks you serve your family,but you can know the bag you put it in is also safe.

These adorable bags come in 4 different funky monster designs and there are 28 5inx6in bags per box.

So as you can see these are just the cutest little bags ever! My 2 grandsons have had a blast with their Wexy bags, but I have to say my teenage daughter seems to like them just as much.Heck I would carry my snacks in these bags as well.I mean come on,who doesn’t think these lil monsters are adorable!!!

So if you too want to give Wexy bag a try with your kiddos then please go to wexybags.com where you can purchase directly from the website or they are also sold on amazon.com One box is $3.99 or a pack of 3 boxes is $11.59 so head over now and get the little ones in your life Wexy bags, I promise you will love them!

*Disclaimer: I was not paid in any way for this review.these are my personal opinions




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