Vitacost GloNaturals Argan Collection Review

Disclaimer:I received my items free of charge to review in my home.Doing a review is always my choice and all opinions stated are mine and mine alone.

I am excited today to bring you some new products I got a chance to try recently from Vitacost. If you haven’t heard of Vitacost before,you will be happy you did today.

Vitacost takes the cost out of healthy living and lets you get the products you want and need most at a very affordable price.They even do same-day shipping if you order by 1pm M-F.

So let me share with you the Glonaturals Argan Collection. There are 6 products in the line and I was luck enough to get to test out 5 of them.The only one I did not review in the line is the Organic Argan Oil, but I am sure it is just as wonderful as the rest of the line and I love Argan Oil!

The first three products I tested in the line are the Face&Body Cleanser,Body Lotion,and the Hair Serum. My favorite of these three has to be the Cleanser.It smells amazing and my skin was super soft after my shower.It seems to add a ton of moisture back into my skin which is just what I will need through the dry,cold winter months.The added Argan Oil seems to make all the difference and I love it!

I also really liked the Hair Serum too,just be careful not to use to much.My hair is pretty dry and usually soaks up oils easily,I had to use less with this Hair Serum,which just means it will last longer YAY!!!

As for the Body Lotion I did like it,but was sad it is such a small bottle.It is only 4oz and for over $6 that seems a bit high to me as this stuff won’t last long.

The last two items from this Collection I reviewed are both for the face,I received the Glonaturals Face Cream and Eye Cream. The Face Cream has hyaluronic acid which is like a magnet for moisture. This light face cream was non-greasy and absorbed quickly. Plus when used with the eye cream you can quickly get through your nightly beauty routine.

So if you are looking for affordable beauty products I would say check out Vitacost. You can even get vitamins and pet food here. For cost-effective shopping I highly recommend you give Vitacost a try.







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