#Trumoo Chocolate Marshmallow Milk Review

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Everyone in my house loves chocolate milk. When my kids were small it was the only way to get them to drink milk.


Well since we switched to a healthy life style,we also had to find a better way to still enjoy our chocolate milk. Trumoo was the answer. Plus right now during the month of February they have this wonderful new flavor Chocolate Marshmallow.

What a wonderful flavor to come out around Valentines Day. Chocolate and Marshmallow go together like your favorite love birds.I mean who doesn’t love melted smores in a glass?

Trumoo Chocolate and Vanilla milks are around all year and I love that they keep things simple.

I can’t wait to finally get to try the New Chocolate Marshmallow flavor during the month of February,I have heard it taste really wonderful served warm.

All Trumoo milks have

*no artificial growth hormones

*No high fructose corn syrup

*only pure cocoa and just enough natural sugar to make it taste great!

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Trumoo is available in the dairy section at groceries stores nationwide,but remember the wonderful new Chocolate Marshmallow flavor will only be around through the month of February. So don’t miss out on this yummy combination.

It goes great with Valentines cupcakes for school parties or just for after school snacks. As a Mom you can feel good about serving Trumoo to your kids.

You can also learn more about them on their WEBSITE,FACEBOOK, and TWITTER. You can also locate a store close to you here.

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  1. We have never tried their product before and sure don’t know how it tastes like. I see reviews around about TruMoo so I guess it is worth the rave these days. Might want to check out myself.

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