Torani Brings Holiday Cheer


I love Torani syrups. I have been using them for many years,but it wasn’t until recently that I found out that these versatile syrups can be used for more than coffee. Even though that is still my very favorite way to use them.

Torani makes so many different flavors of syrups there is one that everybody will like.My personal favorite is the New Salted Caramel! Oh my goodness,it is to die for in coffee with a bit of half and half I swear!

Torani is also a great addition to our favorite dessert.We try to stick to healthy living,but everybody has a sweet tooth in this house.So I try to come up with healthy sweets that everybody will eat. I recently made homemade Mixed Berry shortcake and I added a bit of Vanilla Bean Torani syrup to my fruit and to my whipping cream.

The Torani syrup added just the perfect amount of sweet vanilla flavor that just took this dessert to the next level.I will be adding Vanilla Bean Torani syrup to my whipping cream from now on…yummy!

We were also lucky enough to recently get a Soda Stream machine thru House Party and we are still experimenting with different flavor combos. While I was checking out Torani’s website I read that the Torani syrups can be used with Sparkling water to make Italian Soda!!! So I carbonated a bottle of water and added a couple of tablespoons of Torani Vanilla Bean syrup and guess what??? My water tasted exactly like Cream Soda.

We can’t wait to¬† try even more Torani Syrup flavors real soon and see what all kinds of Italian Sodas we can make!

So as you can Torani Syrups are super versatile and every household should have a couple of bottles on hand to add some flavor to your life.

I want to thank the SheSpeaks Team and Torani for sponsoring this awesome blogger event and allowing my family the chance to try out and taste the many faces of Torani.

Disclaimer:I was given 2 bottles of Torani Syrup thru SheSpeaks  for review purposes.Doing a review was my choice and all opinions stated are mine.



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