Tomorrow Is Moving Day

Well guys after many tears and lots of discussions we have decided to move back home.

My husband was let go at work back in November and we have been struggling ever since. Moving during my youngest daughter’s Senior year was never in the plans,but God had a different path for us to take.

Photo: Tomorrow is #moving day

So tomorrow we are moving back home to live with my daughter and help take care of our adorable new Granddaughter. My son will be staying here in Central Texas as he is on scholarship at school.

I am sad to be moving 3 hours away from my baby boy,but it is time for him to spread his wings and fly.

So if you don’t see me here for the next couple of days,no worries I will be back full time by the middle of next week.

See you allĀ  on the flip side. Wish us luck on a safe move.


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