The Honest Company

After trying Honest Companies free sample program for $4.95 shipping I was instantly in love with the products,company and concept in general. They promise to stay away from all harsh chemicals and agents that are known to cause problems in humans.All products are safe and non toxic with plant-based cleaning agents. Jessica Alba is the founder of the company.After becoming a mom she too wanted what was best for her family and is sharing it with the world.

All the products looked amazing,but in the Essentials bundle you can pick 5 new products every month , or get the same 5 if you would like. They ship and charge on the same day every one less thing to worry about now. This bundle is $35.95 and $3.95 shipping. They also have a diaper bundle for those mom’s who still have babies in diapers.Take a look ,they are cute!cute!

So anyways here is what I got in today when UPS showed up….

So as you can see even the box is cute for this company,even if a bit banged up. But no worries there as everything was bubble wrapped in Eco-friendly recycled bubble wrap. They even taped the lids on so nothing would leak.

It is very obvious that someone took time while packaging my order. What a nice touch!

This is the laundry detergent and the main reason I wanted to continue with this company. It will wash 70 HE loads of laundry and 35 regular loads. The sample I received in my trial kit was for 2 loads and I immediately wanted more! I can’t say enough about it. Our clothes were soft,static free, and just looked so bright and clean. I highly recommend this as a great free/clear ,hypoallergenic wash.

Next I ordered 2 bottles of the automatic dishwasher detergent.enough to last the whole month. I have not used it yet,but can’t wait to give it a try.

The last 2 items in my bundle this month are the lemongrass hand soap and the liquid dish soap. This hand soap smells so good and not “girly” as my hubby said:) We hope to have one of these at every sink in the house soon.

So this is the whole bundle for this month. I have to say I am in love with it all and the package is justĀ  so adorable!

Also to let you know for the 1st month I did have to call to change my plan to how I wanted it.But it worked out in my favor, I got 10% off and free shipping so I only paidĀ  $32.95!

Disclaimer:I paid for all products and all reviews are my personal opinions

Let me know what you think