Teether Necklace and Bracelet Review

As you know I have a granddaughter who is 18 months and teething. For any parent who has gone through teething with a toddler, you know it can be a challenge.

Well for us trying to stay organic with the baby it is even harder when she is teething to not breakdown and give her Tylenol or Motrin like I did my babies. Well if I had known then what I do now, my babies would have been organic and chemical free too.

Well we did find one thing that baby Kay just loves to have with her when she is teething, and that is Mom’s new teething necklace and bracelet.

11150422_10206052502853737_6481359273258886833_nThis is suppose to be worn as jewelery by Mom and the baby can chew on it, but in our house this is baby Kay’s jewelry!

It is made of food grade silicone, FDA approved, latex and rubber free, dishwasher safe,non toxic, lead and vinyl free too.

It is an all-natural, safe alternative to using medicine to relieve teething pain. The natural urge is to bite down and this helps her feel comfortable. Do note that we keep a very close eye on her when she is playing with this necklace, because it is still a choking hazard if worn by the child.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOverall I love the concept and idea behind teething necklaces and they seem to be every where these days. This company makes this in 4 different colors and I can attest it is well made and survived the dishwasher at our house.

Let me know what you think