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I recently found a lady on Facebook who makes the cutest flip-flops,I have looked for some one who could make me custom ladybug flip-flops for awhile. So I messaged her and asked her if she could and she said she would look for some cute ladybug ribbon.

So I expected to hear from her in about a week honestly. Nope to my surprise she got back to me the next morning and she already had the ribbon.

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This is the pair she made just for me. I think they are adorable and at only $4 a pair they are a huge steal in my opinion.

So as I was looking around her page at all the cute stuff she makes by hand, I found her Swap Flops and asked her if she would let me have a pair to do a review and show all of you guys how cute they are.


Are these not adorable? Each pair is handmade and the shoes have Velcro on them so you can change the look of your flip-flops with a quick change.

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See this is the same pair of shoes with different straps. She also makes headbands that match every strap, so you can color coordinate from head to toe. She sales these extra straps for $6 a pair, so you can go crazy with extra straps and feel like you have lots of different and unique shoes.

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These are the three sets of straps I received with my flip-flops. I am in love! I think these are so adorable and flashy. I can’t wait to get my daughter a pair for the summer.

Also if you happen to have a baby girl (we have a new granddaughter on the way) you have to check out these adorable Barefoot Baby shoes. I have never seen these before, and saw them on her site yesterday and decided I had to show all the Mommies who read my post.

Are these not the cutest? And she has them it lots of colors and designs. Only $4 a pair.

So now that you have seen all the cute stuff offered at Swap Flops &More here is where to find it all.



When you stop by to check stuff out let her know Laniebugzlikes sent you.

Disclaimer: I was given my Swap Flops for free in return for a review. I always state my honest opinion of a product and all opinions stated are mine and mine alone.




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  1. Those are fabulous! I live in flip flops in the summer! I don’t need a hundred pair but I do like to have different styles, what a brilliant idea! I need some! Thanks, I think I will be dropping some hints for Mother’s Day.

  2. Wow those are the cutest and most stylish flip flops I have ever seen! Awesome review and thanks for sharing!

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