Stok Drum Charcoal Grill Review

*Disclaimer:I was given a Stok grill to review for free in my home.Doing a review is always my choice and all opinions stated are mine and mine alone.


I was lucky enough to get to test the Stok Drum charcoal grill in our home. I bought my hubby the Stok Quatro grill a couple of months back and at that point we fell in love with Stok. You can see my review of that grill HERE.

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The Stok Drum also uses the ingenious grill insert system that the Quatro uses.So all the inserts are interchangeable between the two grills. I love having a propane grill as they are quick to light and super easy to use,but there is something about cooking on charcoal that I just love. Now that we have both, we have hardly cooked inside at all. Which is really nice since it is so hot I never have to turn on my oven and heat up my home.

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The Stok Drum also has a neat way to easily light and start your charcoal.It has a charcoal holder that you insert in the center of the grill.You then put all the charcoal in it to light.When you get the charcoal to the perfect temp(which happens fast) you then use the grill insert tool to lift the charcoal holder up and out.The charcoal then falls into a perfect pyramid shape perfect for cooking.

This makes getting the grill lit and going a fast and simple job. You then choose whatever insert you would like to cook with.This grill only uses one insert at a time instead of two with the Quatro.

Another neat little feature I wanted to point out is the lid hook which allows you to hang the lid from the side of the grill.This is such a nice feature as you don’t have to ever lay the lid down on the ground. Seems to me that Stok thought of everything with this little grill.

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I wanted to show you these two photos to give you a good idea of the size of the grill.It is short,so if you are looking for something that is a bit taller I would recommend getting the Stok Tower instead. But even though it is small it does have a large 150 sq. in. cooking surface. As you can see it held 6 burgers and veggies for my whole family just fine.

Overall I give the Stok Drum grill an A I didn’t give it an A+ do strictly to its height. Other than that I can find no faults with this grill at all.

We are in love with Stok and don’t know how we got by without it.







So being able to have both cooking options is the best of both worlds.



8 thoughts on “Stok Drum Charcoal Grill Review

  1. This looks like a great grill and perfect time of year for grillin’ . Thank-You. I have never heard of this company before i will have to check them out!

  2. I need to get one of these for my dad. The have a pool a little ways back from their house and this would be perfect. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love the way this thing looks!! What a great design. My parents recently moved into an apartment to cater to their “old age” and this would be great for them!!

  4. Oh that’s super nice! My hubs wants a charcoal grill (along with the propane one- apparently different stuff cooks better on different grills- who knew? ;)) and this is perfect!

  5. Wow that looks amazing. Not going to lie I’d never heard of Stok before this review. Is it a very common brand? I love the charcoal light up feature. I’m sure that saves a ton of time in waiting for the coals to heat enough. It’s really a beautiful grill. I’m going to have to check it out. Thanks for your review, suddenly my Weber Q seems inadequate.

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