Spoiled Rotten Dog box from Petflow.com January 2013

I love my furry friends so much! I know all you pet lover’s out there want to spoil your babies rotten just like I do.

Well do you love subscription boxes? Then you will love this adorable box from Petflow.com called Spoiled Rotten Boxes.

This is a monthly box from Petflow for dogs. They also make one for cats which I will be sharing in my next review.

These boxes are stuffed with almost $40 worth of product for just $24.99 a month and if you use code:SRB9 you can get $5 off  the first month’s box.

So here is what my fur babies got in the January Spoiled Rotten Box for dogs

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This is Frills the Triceratops with chew guard.My dog Cleetus is in love with this well made durable squeaky toy.It retails for $14.99

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This next item is Pet Naturals Breath Bites. My dogs usually won’t touch the green or clean your teeth bones,but all my dogs seemed to love these,so we will be buying more to keep those pearly whites fresh and clean. These retail for $7.49

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My puppies love dog biscuits, so I knew these yummy Luther’s Treats would be a hit and they were! These are Bacon and Cheese flavored so that just made my pup’s mouth’s water even more.These retail for $9.49

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I was personally most excited for these.They are John Paul Pet Full Body and Paw Wipes. I love this whole line of products and was happy to be able to do a quick wipe down to freshen up my dog’s coat.These work so good and smell nice.They retail for $9.99 for 45 sheets.

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The next item has been a go to brand for us for many years so I knew my dog’s would love them. These are Old Mother Hubbard P-Nuttier mini dog biscuits.
These are perfect for small breed dogs which is what we have. These retail for $7.99

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The final item in this month’s box is Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Duck&Potato Rolls.This treat was my four legged buddies favorite from the box.I have a very old Chihuahuia named Gadget who only has like 2 teeth left.He had no trouble eating this healthy treat.In fact he growled at everybody else to leave his snack alone!!! We will be buying him more of this healthy treat in the future.These retail for $1.99 each roll.

So as you can see Spoiled Rotten boxes allow you to spoil that special pup in your life with the best items out there. I love trying new products and I can tell you from watching my dogs they too like to try new stuff and feel special.This box is a really great value and ever product was full size.

So head over to Petflow.com and check out all the products they sale and get your fur buddies their own Spoiled Rotten Box .Next box ships on Feb. 15th so hurry!



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