Spoiled Rotten Cat box from Petflow.com January 2013

Alright guys! As promised earlier today I am back with another great Spoiled Rotten Box from Petflow.com .This one is for you kitty cat lovers out there.

We have two cats a Persian mix her name is Zuri and our old man Zipper who is 15. They got super excited about being spoiled rotten.

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This first item in the cat box was SUPER nice. Petguard Organic Catnip was a hit right out of the box. Old man Zipper ate so much he threw up! He was so funny before he got sick I wish I had a video of how much he loved this stuff! Plus the fact it is organic makes this Mommy even happier to share it with my fur babies. It retails for $13.99 but it is worth it and comes with tons of catnip to keep your cat happy for a long time.

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The next item was the Cat Dancer toy. Since my cats are older cats I took this to my daughter to use with her two new kittens. It is like a long thin hanger with card board tubes on the ends .My daughters cats loved this and it held their attention for a long time. These retail for only $2.99 and I think they are well worth that price for sure.

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The next item is Tropicleans Fresh Breath gel for cats. I have the one for dogs already and it works really well. Getting it in the cats mouth was lots of fun!….NOT!!!! but it does help them smell oh so fresh.This retails for $14.99

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These Supercat Catnip Caves were a huge hit with my cat Zuri. It comes with four paper bags that have catnip infused in them like a scratch and sniff sticker. How much fun is that? I love the concept of these bags and with each kit coming with 4 bags it is a great value at $6.99

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Wellness Wet Cat Food cans came in two flavors Turkey and chicken. These are grain free and my cats seemed to really enjoy them. These retail for $117 each can.

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And for the final item in this month’s Spoiled Rotten Cat Box is Lickety Stik in chicken flavor. This yummy treat rolls up like deodorant and your cat just licks it off. Not my favorite way to give treats,but my cats seemed to like the flavor.These little stiks retail for $5.99

So if you want to get the next Spoiled Rotten box for cats coming out Feb. 15th use code :SRB9 to get $5 off your first months box.

Disclaimer:I was given one cat and one dog box for review purposes.Doing a review is always my choice and all opinions stated are mine and mine alone.I was not paid for this review.



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  1. HAHA cute, a box for pets! A scratch n sniff for cats? Interesting idea! Thanks for the review; I hadn’t heard of this company.

  2. I love the catnip bags! Awesome idea to combine 2 things that cats love. Maybe it’s about time to spoil my cats a bit more with one of these boxes.

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