SodaStream Set The Bubbles Free Review

Soda Maker Machine - SodaStream   I was recently given a SodaStream to test and review in my home with my family. We have actually owned a SodaStream machine for over a year already. So I knew in advance that we already loved SodaStream.

If you live in a cave and have not heard of SodaStream yet,let me explain what it is. SodaStream is a machine that lets you carbonate bottles of water and make your very own soda and carbonated beverages at home.

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For the review SodaStream was nice enough to send us a Jet .The Jet happens to be the number one selling SodaStream machine on the market. Since I actually already own the Source I will be given this Jet machine to my daughter and her family to use.

Both machines actually do the same thing and come with the same things as well. The starter packs come with everything you need to get started.

-the machine

-CO2 tank

-samples of different flavors.

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This picture shows are stash of syrups and the Source machine. To make soda is super easy and fun at the same time.

First off you need to fill the one liter bottle to the water fill line with chilled water. Making sure the water is chilled first makes for a better tasting finished product. We actually uses our Brita water pitcher water. So every bottle of soda we make is made with filtered water. The big soda company don’t promise you filtered water do they?

You then just put the one  liter bottle in the machine and push down on the lever to add the desired amount of carbonation.This is probably my favorite thing with the whole making soda at home.The abilty to control how much fizz my soda will have.

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This is what the CO2 tank looks like. Each machine comes with one. I have found the cheapest way to exchange the tank is to go to Bed,Bath&Beyond. With an exchange of your empty tank you can get a new one for only $15.99 which is half price of a new tank.

You will never need more than one at a time any way, so try to find a 20% off one item coupon for Bed,Bath&Beyond and you can save even more.

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Here is a finished bottle of my favorite flavor Black Currant and Pear. This is one of the Natural Soda flavors. Each of these makes up to 25 one liter bottles. The regular soda makes up to 50 one liters.

So overall you will save the dump from tons of added bottles and cans, plus it will save your back from having to lug heavy bottles and cans home from the store.

Our family loves the whole line of SodaStream products. I would happily give them a HUGE A+! We personally own two now, as my hubby decided he needed one for work as well.

So if you’re Mom or Dad love to drink sodas you might consider a SodaStream machine for Mother’s or Father’s Day. I think it would make the perfect gift.

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Disclaimer:I was given one machine to do my review. Doing a review is always my choice and all opinions stated are mine and mine alone.This post may contain affiliate links in the post.



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  1. I have wanted one of these forever with how much soda we drink in this house and my son loves it but I would like to be able to just make him a sparkling version!

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