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When we moved here we rented a home in the historic District. I love the character of an older home and ours was built in the 30’s. There is just one part of my house I am unhappy with and that is the guest bathroom.It is old and is the one part of our home that has never been remodeled.

The bath tub is the worst part.It has chipped porcelain all over and big chunks missing out of the bottom. To solve this we keep a bath mat in the bottom of the tub,but before now I had never found one big enough to cover the whole thing.

So to solve my problem I went searching online for the perfect bath mat and what I came across is Slip X Solutions. This company makes an extra-long bath mat that actually covers the whole bottom of the tub. I really hate even posting this picture as it makes my tub look horrible! I promise it is clean,this is just how it looks all the time .But I have to say the new bath mat covers up the whole bottom where you have to sit and that is exactly what I was looking for.

This mat also has tons of suction cups so once in place it stays ,plus my favorite part is that it is machine washable,so it should last a very long time.

This mat retails for $14.99 but they carry lots of mats in all price ranges.

Slip X Solutions also carries lots of bathroom accessories to make bath time more enjoyable. I chose to get some of these fun Jelly Bean Hooks for my daughter to use. These are made to stick anywhere on a flat surface and will hold 3-5 lbs each.So you can use them to hang your towels on or you can use them as we did

My daughter took them and stuck them up in the tub to hold their bath sponges and I think this turned out to be a great use for them. These hooks come in packs of 3 and retail for $9.99

So if you want to go check out the full line of great products they carry head over to
and take a look around.

Or if you just love them so much you can’t wait then click on the photo below to have a chance to win your own Extra-long bath mat and set of Jelly Bean Hooks in your color choice now

SlipX Solutions

Disclaimer:I was not paid for my review and all opinions are mine alone.Giveaway for US residents only.

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