Saying Good Bye To High School

Last Friday we watched our baby girl walk across the stage and earn her High School diploma. As  a Mom this had to have been one of the happiest and most devastating days of my life.

Why would I be so crushed at such a happy event you ask?

Well you see this is my baby girl and the last of our children to walk across the stage. As a Mom who has dedicated her self to her kids for the last 21 years,I am finding it very hard to swallow that all my babies are grown ups now. What do I do now? My whole life has revolved around my kids lives and their activities for so long that I feel I might have lost myself along the way.

So I would love some great advice from all you other Mom’s out there who have gone before me.How do I now make my life about me for a change?

I have cried many tears this week and they are selfish tears from a Mom who just wishes time would slow down and that she could start over and do it all again.

Being a Mom and raising my family has got to be the best gift that God has ever given me.



One thought on “Saying Good Bye To High School

  1. You can begin by thinking of yourself 1st for a change. Then, as hard as it will be you will need to step back and let them be grown-ups, as you yourself called them. Let them make their own mistakes and figure out how to fix it themselves. Even harder still, is to remove yourself from them as much as you can, so they can grow up to be responsible and productive members of society (this one is the hardest, but if you don’t, they can’t/won’t do it on their own). Finally, you have to have someone who will alert you when you are not doing these things for you children. Letting them go is the biggest blessing you can give to them.

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