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Disclaimer:This is a sponsored post for Campus Book Rental.However all opinions expressed are mine and mine alone.

When my oldest daughter started college I truly had no idea how expensive college text books were. You could literally spend a months salary just on one semester of text books.

So when my son also started college this year we had to look into a way to save money some how. That is where Campus Book Rentals came into play.

With Campus Book Rental you can save anywhere from 40-90% off bookstore prices. Trust me when you are trying to pay for college on a budget this makes all the difference. We managed to save $100’s of dollars on books last semester. I can’t see ever buying brand new books. It just seems like a waste of money.

Plus with Campus Book Rentals you can even highlight in the text books just like if you owned it.Plus they offer free shipping both ways,so you don’t have to worry about another added expense. Also as an added bonus they donate to Operation Smile with every text book rented. So you are helping someone in need at the same time.

Watch this quick video to see how easy they make it to rent the books you need

Also for those of you who have already bought text books in the past that you don’t need anymore,you should check out

With Rent Back you can rent out the books you own to other students and make 2-4x the money you would make if you just let them be bought back. So every time they rent one of your books out you get paid as well.

Going to college does not have to break the bank,you just have to shop smart. With Campus Book Rentals and Rent Back I feel I am making the smart choice with my money and I hope you will tell all the college kids you know about this great option.


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