Sally Hansen At Home Gel Nail Polish Kit Review

Honestly until this last year I hardly ever painted my nails.I worked in a restaurant that didn’t allow polish,so I just never worried about painting them.

That is no longer the case. Now I own 50 plus polishes and paint my nails probably three times a week minimum. I am impatient though and never wait long enough for my polish to dry completely .So in turn I always mess it up and either just go around with messed up nails(which drives me crazy)or repaint them.Which is what I do over and over again.

Well that was before I received the new Gel Nail Kit by Sally Hansen.

Sally Hansen has made gel nails at home super easy and way more cost-effective than going to the nail salon and paying over $30 each visit.I am super frugal.In fact my hubby says I have birds flying around my head singing cheap,cheap,cheap!! So there is no way I would pay that much for someone else to paint my nails.

You can get the same beautiful,long-lasting nails in just three easy steps. I did mine last night and I was surprised at how easy it really was.I was a bit apprehensive at first,but the steps are easy enough for a kid to follow.

This kit comes with everything you need to do a great manicure at home. No extra tools are needed which I liked a lot.

Here is what is in the kit:

1 LED Lamp

· 1 Gel Base Coat

· 1 Gel Nail Color

· 1 Gel Top Coat

· 10 Nail Cleanser Pads

· Acetone Remover

· Cuticle Stick

· File & Buffer

· Instruction sheet

I also received three more colors to go with my kit. I found them at Target for$11.99 each

Remember to always start with clean,oil free nails.You can use the nail cleanser pads included,but if you run out all you need is an alcohol prep pad.I find these are cheaper to buy then the ones Sally Hansen makes.

For the first step you apply one layer of base coat to each nail. After you do one hand place your four fingers under the LED lamp for 30 seconds.Then repeat process with your thumb.

This is me curing the top coat under the bright orange LED light. Of all the at-home kits I have seen or used at friend’s houses,this one seems to work the best.It comes with an A/C adapter so you never have to worry about replacing the batteries.Plus it cures in 30 seconds which is pretty fast.

Then for the next step you apply whatever color polish you have chosen to wear that day,then cure it for 30 seconds.The kit only comes with one color and there are three different kit choices. The color in my kit is Wine Not .

This photo shows my nails curing with the color on.I only had to apply one coat of nail polish too,which was nice as usually it takes 2-3 coats to get the color I want.I don’t know if the lighter colors will only take one coat,but if they do then this polish will last me a long time.

For the last step you paint on the clear top coat and do one last 30 seconds per nail under the light.I actually dried mine for double the time it called for just to be sure my nails were cured and dry.Then you use one more cleansing pad to clean of the excess goo left behind and your nails will look like you just stepped out of the salon.

Here are my finished nails.I am in love with this kit.I give Sally Hansen a huge A+ for this Gel Nail Kit. It pays for itself after just two manicures which makes it very cost-effective for a frugal Mom like me.

So if you too can’t afford a gel manicure at a salon or just refuse to spend that amount on having them done.Then I highly recommend this New Sally Hansen Gel Kit.

You can purchase the kit at Target for $64.99 but I also saw it at Wal-Mart and other places online.

Disclaimer:I was given an at-home nail kit to review.Doing a review is always my choice and all opinions stated are mine and mine alone.










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