SafeHands Equal Soft Hands

As it continues to get colder and colder my skin gets so dry I can barely stand it. Especially my hands. So I always keep lotion close by because the feel of dry skin drives me batty! So the idea of using hand sanitizer at all goes out the window.

I refuse to use it during the Winter months as it makes me even drier with all the alcohol used to clean your hands.

Well I was recently introduced to a new kind of Hand Sanitizer called safeHands.

Our family got to try two different types. They make an adult version called safeHands and a child version called safeSquirts. Both are 100% alcohol free,safe for kids,and planet friendly.

Plus my favorite part is that these do not dry your hands out at all!!! In fact it actually moisturizes your skin so no more need to carry around that lotion bottle.This product does both.

All the safeHands Products are super affordable ranging from $2.50-$8.95

But for a limited time they are running a wonderful Black Friday Promotion that has been extended until Dec. 1,2012

So click on the photo below and use code:BLACKFRI25 at check out……….

Extended Black Friday. Save 25% off all order over $10. Enter code BLACKFRI25 and save!

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review ,but I was sent advanced sample sizes for review purposes.All opinions are mine and mine alone and I did a review by my own choice.

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