Roux Color Refresh Mask

Have you ever had a day when you forgot you had some where important to be and when you looked in the mirror you knew your hair was in need of a pick me up? Well with the grey streak I have running thru my hair I have had more than one of these days.

That is where Roux Color Fresh Mask comes in and saves the day. This easy to use mask refreshes and brightens up your color in just 3 minutes and it last for up to 5 washes.

I was lucky enough to get two different colors to try , so far I have only tried the Pale Gold. Like I mentioned I have a skunk stripe of grey right in the middle of my hair. It is very color resistant so I wasn’t expecting much to be honest. I did try,and failed at getting good before and after photos to show the change. The photos just didn’t really do it justice so I chose not to include them.

So after washing and towel drying your hair all you do is comb it thru your hair and wait 3 minutes then rinse.Simple right?

What I was left with was super shiny,well conditioned hair with a very slight color change. It left Pale Gold highlights in my grey which really masked it well.

So my answer is yes this product is a hit. Also it is only $4.99 at Sally’s Beauty Supply and they have sales all the time making it only $2.99 so I think for a quick fix Roux is just the right fix!

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*Disclaimer:I was not paid for my review but did receive the products for free for reviewing purposes.All opinions are mine and mine alone.


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