Red Envelope Shari’s Berries Review

Our family was recently given the chance to experience Shari’s Berries by Red Envelope. I had seen commercials in the past for this company,but we had never given them a try.

So me and the hubby sat down one evening and literally spent an hour deciding what to get. Shari’s Berries carries a huge variety of tasty chocolate treat, covered strawberries and cherries. The website is very easy to navigate and the photos of all the tasty treats will make you drool. Plus you personally choose the day that your products will arrive.That way you know to be home so they don’t sit out in the sun all day.They do come in a cooler with ice.

So after picking all our favorites we waited for this wonderful box to arrive.

Inside the first box was this box. I was super impressed with how well it was packaged to keep everything looking so pretty and it kept everything at the perfect temperature.All our chocolates still looked perfect with no melting at all.I was very impressed,because I have ordered chocolates before that arrived in a melted mess.Shari’s Berries has figured out the perfect way to ship.

See what I mean everything looks so good and I am happy to report it all tasted even better.

The first two photos of the strawberries and cheesecakes go together. This is the Cheesecake Trio and Half Dozen Swirled Strawberries  retail$39.99

I have to say I have had lots of chocolate covered strawberries,but I have never had a strawberry so sweet and juicy. I don’t have any idea where they get them,but they are something special!!

See how red they are and oh so sweet. These where are favorites in the box hands down. If you love strawberries and chocolate then you have to give these a try they are worth the money.

The other item we chose to try is the Handmade Artisian Sea Salted Caramel retails$29.99

I have to say I was a bit disappointed in the caramel. For $30 I was wanting exceptional taste and these were all just way to salty. I love salted caramel,but all you could taste was the salt.So if you order them beware they are salty!!

Overall our impression of Shari’s Berries was really good. The website runs smoothly,orders came exactly as promised and who doesn’t want to treat themselves to something special once in a while.

So if you are still trying to figure out that perfect Easter gift then head over to Shari’s Berries and make someones day.

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Disclaimer:I was given a gift card to do this review.Doing a review is always my choice and all opinions stated are mine and mine alone.








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