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I am an avid coffee drinker. If it was a sport I would always come in first. I am a coffee addict! All day every day,so when I was asked to review for RealBeanz I was stoked as you can imagine.

RealBeanz coffee’s mission is to create a flavorful and memorable iced coffee experience unlike any other.

Well I have to say I think they succeeded in that.

RealBeanz sent me a wide variety of flavors to try and every bottle has different health benefits.

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The five bottles here are :

Vanilla Nut-Relax Decaf


Caramel-Focus (my favorite)


Diet Cappuccino-Trim&Fit

So as you can see each bottle does something different.As stated above I loved the Caramel Focus.It had such a wonderful flavor and it did seem to keep me focused on my task better. All 5 of these tasted wonderful.

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I also received 4 bottles of RealBeanz coffee made with coconut water.

These only come in two flavors:


Dark Roast

I was not a fan of any of these,but I also am not a fan of coconut water so I am sure there in lies the problem. My husband thought they tasted great and were very refreshing. I wish I did like them more,because the coconut water is so good for you.

All their coffee drinks are made with healthy vitamins and potent herbs and they are made with reduced fat milk. I love the idea that I can have my coffee and get health benefits at the same time. These are way better for you then a Starbucks Double Shot any day. Sorry Starbucks I love you,but you do not give me health benefits along the way.

Overall our impression was positive for RealBeanz and I highly recommend them.

If you would like to purchase please go HERE

You can also find RealBeanz on Facebook and Twitter

Disclaimer:I was given sample products to review.Doing a review is always my choice and all opinions stated are mine and mine alone.


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