Quick Ways To Get Cash Now That You Probably Didn’t Know About

My husband was recently let go at work while out with a work injury. Needless to say things have gotten really tight around here and we have had to start thinking of quick ways to get cash.

With two teens still living at home,it is not just me and my husband we have to worry about and sometimes the daily financial stresses can take a toll.

The bills keep flying in my mailbox and my cabinets and fridge are starting to look pretty bare. So what options do we have to make money while we are continuing to look for work?

Our first option was to use Ebay to sale things around the house we don’t use. So far we have made a couple of hundred dollars in the last two weeks. If you start looking around you will be surprised how many things you have lying around your home you never use.

Problem is that just won’t even put a dent in some of are larger bills coming due. Lucky for us we happen to own both our cars,which is one less bill to worry about.  Plus in a bind you can also get money for your car title if need be. We did a lot of research and for additional information please look around for ways to get cash for your car titles.

This orange truck of ours has helped us to pay our electric bill and have some left to get us by this month.

With the World the way it is we might all need to start getting more creative when thinking of ways to make ends meet. I hope these two options help you out if you get in a bind.

They have sure helped us tremendously.

* This is a sponsored post however all opinions stated are 100% mine.

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