Purex and HEB Have Lots Of Texas Pride

*I was given products to test free of charge as part of being a member of the Purex Insider Team.


Purex has always been one of my go to standards for laundry detergent. I have actually been a Purex Insider for the past 3 years and use them exclusively.

This time though I could not be more excited to see them pairing up with my favorite grocery store H.E.B. We use to live in Central Texas and when we did I found the magic that is H.E.B. The best part is the detergent they came up with to represent Texas best is Bluebonnet scented Purex laundry soap. How cool is that?




This is a Limited Edition Purex scented like Fresh Bluebonnet, it is only available in Texas and at your local HEB. I now live 45 minutes away from the closest H.E.B. and I drove that far jsut to be able to be a part of this campaign with Purex. First because I love Purex and second I love H.E.B. just as much and I wanted to get my hands on this limited edition scent noone close to me would have. See being a blogger and tester has it’s perks sometimes.

I bought 4 bottles of this while I was there and enjoyed shopping at my favorite store at the same time.

Now for the true test how well does it clean. It works with HE machines and only takes a small amount to do a pretty good sized load of laundry. I even use it as a spot treatment on my stains before washing. I just cover the stain with the straight liquid detergent and let it sit for about 30 minutes before I wash it. Then I just throw it in with the rest of the load to wash it.

So if you are a fella Texan and would like a chance to try this Limited Edition Purex Bluebonnet Scent then head over to my Fan Facebook Page for a chance to win a coupon for a free bottle!


Let me know what you think