Poise Pads Especially For Woman At Walgreens Review


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Today I want to talk to you ladies about something most of us would rather not discuss,but that a lot of us face either daily or at least occasionally. I want to talk to you about light  bladder leakage. I know! I told you before hand none of us like to talk about it,but the truth is a lot of us do face the problem occasionally.

You know the talked about sneeze and dribble? You know it has happened to you if you are a Mom.If it hasn’t happened to you at least once,then I guess count yourself lucky. For me I hate to admit it has happened more than once and having the right protection makes all the difference.

I was asked recently to give Poise Pads a try instead of using regular maxi pads which is what I have always done in the past. Honestly it would have never crossed my mind to even try the Poise Pads as I thought they were for ladies a bit older than I am.

So I headed to Walgreens with my $2 off coupon.(Note that this link becomes inactive after 2 clicks,so make sure you are ready to print when you click on it)

I found the Poise Pads by the depends and adult undergarments,which honestly I feel they should be in both the adult undergarment section and with the adult hygiene products as well. I would be more likely to purchase them more often if they were where I normally shopped.So other then having to go to “that” section of the store, the product was easy to find and the prices were clearly marked.  One of my favorite things about Walgreens is that the prices are always marked and easy to read.

Since I have very light bladder leakage I chose to go with the ultra-thin for light absorbency. They looked super thin like a maxi pad,not what I was expecting at all.

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The pads were no thicker than a regular pad,but they do so much more.

*Poise Pads quickly lock away wetness and absorb odor

*They feature a thin and flexible (Thin-flex) design that moves with your body and offers protection against LBL(light bladder leaks)

*they stay 3 times dryer than the leading period only liners

*they come in 5 different absorbency levels for the special needs of each woman.

As an active Grandma to three small grand babies I don’t have time to be slowed down by LBL. I have been using these Poise Pads as an added protection for the last week and I am super impressed. They look like any other pad ,so know one has to know about my LBL if they see it in my purse,plus each one last all day for great protection without any worries.

Photo: Me and Kaydence excuse the way I look it was raining

So now I have plenty of time to spend rocking my newest addition little Miss Kaydence. She keeps this Nanny on her toes and busy all day. Excuse the hair in this picture it had rained a lot that day!

I give Poise Pads a HUGE A+ as they do exactly what they say they will at a price I can afford. So if you too would like to see how well protected you can be with Poise Pads ,then head over to Walgreens and don’t forget your $2 off coupon. You can also check them out in Social Media below.Let them know Laniebugzlikes sent you.




15 thoughts on “Poise Pads Especially For Woman At Walgreens Review

  1. Great deal. I love finding coupons for expensive products like this. 🙂 I’ve tried those thin Poise pads before too and they’re nice. 🙂

  2. Sad to say I have “issues” with light bladder leakage ever since the kids. Its nice to see Poise reaching out to thos eof us with that issue and innovating products that don’t make me feel like I’m wearing a diaper.

  3. I’m glad you were able to find something to help you lbl. My daughter actually like the thin liners for when she is about to start for just incase.. and she’s a teen.

  4. congratulations!!!! you have such a precious gift there. I have never tried that brand but will surely do if ever i need to use a comfortable pads during heavy period.

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