Ozeri Makes The Best Earth Pans

As I said in my last blog post I am starting this year out by getting back to healthy eating.

With my new 8 inch Ozeri Green Earth Frying Pan I can get one step closer to cooking healthy as well. It uses German technology to provide a non-stick ceramic surface that works so well nothing ever sticks to this pan.

I love that this pan does not leak nasty chemicals into my food and it is easy to preseason it with just a bit of olive oil or I used peanut oil instead.

It even comes with a cushioned pad to put in it to keep the non-stick coating from getting scratched up.

I have cooked vegetables and eggs in this so far and nothing has stuck to this pan at all. I even had cheese in my eggs which usually makes a mess,but not with this pan.

I can’t wait to make omelets this weekend with it as I am sure they will come out just perfect.

Plus for under $30 you can’t find a better company to buy frying pans from. This is the second Ozeri frying pan I have owned and both have been great.



Let me know what you think