Ozeri Gen II Digital Bath Scale with Body Weight (440 lbs), Fat, Hydration and Auto Recognition Technology

For New Years many people make resolutions to start the new year off right. Of those resolutions,many of them are centered around weight loss. At least that seems to be my yearly resolution and when I talk to my girlfriends they too always start the new year off on a diet or with goals to lose weight.


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I have been actively trying to lose weight since Oct. 2011. For the first 6 months I refused to get on a scale and check my weight. Don’t ask me why,because I don’t have an answer? I just hated seeing how much I truly weighed since it was more than when I was pregnant with my 3rd and last child.

Well recently Ozeri asked me to give their Gen 2 Digital Bath Scale a try. Right out of the box you can see immediately the quality of this scale.It is made with super thick glass and high quality materials. Each scale is also treated with Microban to help keep it free of germs.

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This scale is super smart too! It can be programmed for up to 8 different people to use. It is super easy to program all you do is pick a person 1-8 and then enter your height and age.Then you step on the scale and it will get your first weight. After the first time it will recognize who is stepping on the scale by matching your weight to your program.

What is really cool and makes this scale so special though is the fact that it can also tell you your Body Fat and how well hydrated you are.

To make these feature work on the scale you must be barefoot and make sure your feet touch all 4 of the metal contacts. Also note that if you have a Pacemaker or other electronic device in your body do not use this scale without your shoes on.It sends a beam up into your body to measure the fat and water content.This can be dangerous to some one with electronics in their body. So if you do have a Pacemaker this scale is not for you.

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Once you have used the scale and recorded all your numbers. Ozeri has included this cool chart to help you figure out what the numbers should be. I always thought I stayed really well hydrated,but this scale keeps telling me no! My hydration number is always lower than it says I should be,so I have added more liquids into my diet to compensate.

So overall I have to say this is the coolest and smartest scale I have ever had the pleasure of stepping on.This baby is smart!

So if you are trying to keep up with your New Years Resolution to lose weight I highly recommend you pick up one of these super smart scales to help you on your journey.

I found this scale at Amazon.com for $29.95 and for the price I would say it is well worth it.

Disclaimer:Ozeri did send me this scale for review purposes.Doing a review is always my choice and all opinions stated are mine and mine alone.



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