Ozeri Elite Chef Black Ceramic 3 Piece Knife Set Review

I love to cook. I really do,but I don’t always have the best tools on hand. I actually thought that the knife set I had was pretty decent.

I thought that to get a really nice high quality Chef’s knife set would cost me an arm and a leg. Well that was before I was asked to review the new knife set for Ozeri.¬† This company makes¬† a lot of different digital lifestyle products for the modern home,but I wouldn’t have even thought to look for a great knife set with Ozeri.

What I received for review is Ozeri’s Elite Chef Black Ceramic Knife Set. This set includes 3 ultra-sharp 100%black ceramic knives with a perfectly balanced handle to making chopping and dicing easier and cause less fatigue . Made of pure ceramic makes these knives as hard as diamonds. They will not rust or corrode and will last a very long time.

I have never owned a knife made of ceramic.In fact before now I would have thought that ceramic would be fragile and break easy. I of course would be wrong. These knives are really light weight. They almost feel like a toy knife,but as soon as you slice through something you will realize quickly these knives are no joke.

I have used these knives in my kitchen for 3 weeks now. They easily cut through all fruit,veggies and boneless meats.They are super sharp and really light weight.I cut up a lot of veggies throughout the week and I love the fact that these knives are so light.I can quickly get my work done without my arm getting tired.

Overall for a price of $39.99 I think this just might be the best knife set available in that price point.I give Ozeri a big A+ !!!

Disclaimer:We were given a knife set for review.Doing a review is always my choice.All opinions stated are mine and mine alone.





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