Our Summer Vacay at Sea World and Aquatica of San Antonio Review

SWT_voyage_resizedDisclaimer:We received media tickets in exchange for an honest review.Doing a review is always my choice and all opinions stated are mine and mine alone.

Last year for Spring Break we took our youngest two kids to Sea World San Antonio for the first time. Since my hubby and son HATE roller coasters and pretty much every other ride you can think of Sea World is the perfect park. There is enough to do that riding any rides becomes secondary to all the amazing show and critters they have.

Well while we were there last year they had this huge area near the front of the park fenced off with signs everywhere about the new water park Aquatica which was to open Spring of 2013. We poked our heads through the fence post just trying to get a glimpse of what was going on behind that fence!

So this year when we were deciding on where to go on our Summer Vacay the choice was easy. Our oldest daughter spent the first part of this year really sick and in the hospital and she told me repeatedly that she wanted to go to Sea World and the new water park Aquatica. So after letting Sea World know how much my daughter wanted to come share the magic of Sea World they offered us media passes to come visit for a day.

So we waited all Summer patiently for our trip to begin. We decided that since our daughter was now pregnant and going to be pretty far along by the time we left for vacation to go ahead and rent a Private Cabana at Aquatica to make our day more enjoyable.



I wasn’t sure at first if the cabana would be worth the hefty price tag of $200,but I will tell you it more than paid for itself. I highly recommend renting a cabana if you decide to do Sea World and Aquatica in the same day.Here is why.The line to get into Aquatica is LONG! Sometimes up to two hours just to get in,plus you are never promised entrance into the water park if it reaches capacity.

Well with the cabana rental you get

4 Souvenir towels that sell for $12 each in the gift shop

12 water bottles and a fridge water sells for $2.98 a bottle

1 tube of Panama Jack Sunscreen $8

Ceiling Fan

A very large locker in your cabana

Food order service which saves you hours in line and no crowds to fight.You simply place your order when you arrive and they deliver at a specific time.Last year we waited an hour and a half in line to eat lunch.

Plus your wrist band gets you past the long lines for Aquatica and back in the park fast with VIP service.

It was the best money spent at an Amusement park in a long time.It will save you money in the long run and make sure you can enjoy both parks all day.

Our cabana was on Loggerhead Island,which was a great central location within Aquatica. We had entry to the beautiful lazy river right outside our door. This is not a very lazy river though.It was very interactive.I got sprayed in the mouth by a Ticki Man so watch out for all the obstacles along the way.

Plus the wave pool was the best ever! Five foot waves with a different wave pattern every other time.The waves go off every 7 minutes,so there is not much down time waiting for the waves to start.Plus they have big timers showing you when the waves will start. With a pregnant daughter in tow we spent a lot of time here.

Of course we also headed over to Sea World to catch a couple of shows we knew we liked from last year.The park was super packed the day we went and the Azul show filled up fast.The attendant was nice enough to let us know to head over to Shamu Stadium and we could catch the next Shamu show!

If you have never been to Shamu stadium before it is something let me tell you.This stadium is huge and has lots of seats in the splash zone.Which is of course were my guys wanted to sit. Fair warning if you sit in the splash zones you will get soaked.My phone barely survived the experience.So make sure and lock up the electronics or put them in water proof packages.You want to sit here and feel for yourself how cool it is to be splashed by a huge whale’s tail.Lot’s of fun for kids and adults alike.

I of course can’t end this review without a cute photo of Shamu himself. I love how close you can really get to these beauties and how entertaining all the shows really are.

Overall we had a wonderful day at Sea World and Aquatica of San Antonio and we can’t wait to go back and do it all again!

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  1. This post so makes me want to go! I have never been to SeaWorld but was at marineworld one time. I have heard there is no comparison! So yes, this post has made me really want to go there! That water park looks really fun! Thank you so much for the heads up on the cabana! That would really be so worth it! I am glad you had a good time and thank you for sharing it!

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