Nothing Nasty Touches My Lips


This is the motto of Karen Murrell’s lipsticks. KM lipsticks are a product I found while researching natural and organic makeup.

Every part of these lipsticks is either organic,natural,or recyclable. I have tried many organic products in the past,but KM takes it to the next level for sure! The box they come in is made from recycled paper and the plastic tube is made of PLA(polyactic acid) which is a corn-based resin that starts to dissolve back into the earth within 100 days. It says to bury the tube in the dirt when it is gone. How great is that!!!

I received 4 different colors to test starting on the left swatch they are Carnation Mist,fuchsia shock,sandstorm, and coral dawn.As you can see these have really good pigment,but they are matte lipsticks,so to get a great shine I used a clear lip gloss over them.They look great both ways and last for a long time without reapplying.

This is what Coral Dawn looks like on, as you can see it looks great all by itself and it taste great too!

Did you know that the average woman consumes nearly 2 kilograms of lipstick in there lifetime?Gross huh? Well with KM you can be sure that what goes in your mouth is all organic and safe.I had never thought of the damage lipstick could do,but know I will always think about it before applying chemical laden products on my body.

You can find these lipsticks and more great KM products at these lipsticks retail for $30 each.

*Disclaimer all reviews are my personal opinion,I was not paid for this review




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