Noreve Haute Couture For Mobile Devices Review Holiday Gift Guide 2013

Disclaimer:I was given my Noreve case free of charge to review and test in our home.Doing a review is always my choice and all opinions stated are mine and mine alone.

Do you have a member of your family who just always has to have the newest and nicest electronics? Well then do I have the perfect gift this Holiday Season.

Noreve Saint Tropez makes some super nice Haute Couture cases for lots of different mobile devices. So I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one of their beautiful cases for my husband.

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Even the box the case came in was really nice.You could tell the quality of the product was going to be exceptional just by how nice the box was. It is a great box to keep and store your case when you are not using it. My husband loves his so much,he keeps putting it back in this box to keep it looking perfect.

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We were sent this beautiful orange luxury leather Asus Google Nexus 7 case. My husband really knows his leather and he says this is  a really well made high-end leather case. It feels like butter to the touch it is so soft. Plus I really love the unique color of orange it comes in.I have not seen any other cases that even come close to the quality of this one.

As soon as it arrived a huge smile broke out on my husband’s face.He was really happy to own this wonderful piece of art work. That is truly what each case is when you buy from Noreve. It is a case that will stand the test of time and look professional when you take it out in public.

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I also loved that inside the case had pockets to hold either an ID or credit cards. My husband hates to carry his wallet and when he carried the case it doubled as his wallet and he didn’t need to carry anything extra around. Plus this case fit perfectly on the Nexus,better than any other case ever has.It fit like a glove and seemed to be made to cover every service that can be damaged by exposure.

My Nexus 7 is safe and secure as  long as it stays in the Noreve case.

So if you still are looking for the perfect gift for that tech savvy,electronics packing family member or friend,then please check out Noreve Cases for a gift anyone would love.

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