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Newman’s Own Organics was nice enough to send our four-legged friends a variety of their products to try out. We have lots of animals at our home including 4 dogs and 2 cats who were more than happy to give all the new products a go.



We got a wonderful variety of wet and dry foods,plus lots of different treats. My animals are picky,so I never know how things are going to go when it comes to new pet products.Sometimes they love a product and other times I can’t even get them to put it in their mouths!

Well to start with we tried a couple of things..



The first item the pups tried was the Snack Sticks with Chicken and Rice. They loved them and immediately  Cleetus are Dachshund rescue was sitting and begging for more. I have to say  he is hard to resist when he begs and because everything in these treats is organic and healthy for him he got seconds.

The dogs seemed to enjoy everything sent for them except for the Peanut Butter Dog biscuits.This really surprised me as dog’s are supposed to LOVE peanut butter I thought? So I took this to my Mom’s dog back home and she too refused to eat them? Not sure why they don’t like them,but  that was the only item in the box we couldn’t use or give away:(



Next to get a yummy treat was Zuri are Persian mix. She is not picky at all and had her nose all up in my business the whole time seeing what she was going to get. I let her have one of the cans of wet cat food.With NOO you can guarantee that the first ingredient is real meat.No yucky unnecessary ingredients.


AS you can see Zuri thinks Newman’s Own Organics rocks! She shoved her face in and didn’t come out til it was all gone.

I love that with Newman’s Own Organics Premium Pet Foods you don’t have to worry about your animals eating healthy.Plus if your cat eats healthier then the litter box will smell better.Which is a huge plus to me!

Overall I was impressed with the quality and prices of NOO Premium Pet Foods,but really sad that the closes place to purchase for us would be an hour away.


Disclaimer:I was given the products for review purposes.Doing a review is always my choice and all opinions stated are mine and mine alone.

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