New Edge Shaving Products Review

Edge shaving products have been a staple in our home for many years. My hubby shaves his head ,so we happen to use a lot of shaving products and razors.

Recently Edge came out with two new shaving products that I would like to share with you today.

This is the new Edge Body Recharge. It is a non-foaming face & body shave cream. When these products arrived for us to review I immediately went to go give this a try before my husband got his hands on it.

It is a thick cream that goes on like lotion that will not absorb. It stays really slick on your skin and has a fresh mint tingle. I shaved my legs and underarms with this cream and let me tell you! It gave me the best smooth shave I have had in a while. I then reluctantly let my hubby give it a try.

Honestly I wanted to hide it away all for myself,but I knew it would give his head such a smooth shave,I decided to be nice and share.

Well as I expected he loves it,so I guess I will be a good wife and let him keep it.

But for a retail price of only $3.99 I will be headed to the store to get my own real soon!

This next new product by Edge is the New Ultimate Magnet Edge 6 in 1 Shave Gel.

The 6 great things it does:







Pretty much this is an all in one shaving product. Of the two we tried we loved the non-foaming cream the best,but this definitely takes a close second. My 18-year-old son is new to shaving and he really like this gel.He said it gave him a smooth,close shave and he smelled good too.

This new shave gel retails for $2.99

My overall impression of both these new Edge shaving products is a huge A+!!! The non-foaming cream says made for guys,but ladies ignore that ,this stuff is amazing!!!For more info on Edge products checkout these sites.


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Disclaimer:I was given both for a review.I was not compensated in any other way.All opinions stated are mine and mine alone.Doing a review is always my choice.






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