Never Too Early To Start Shopping For Prom

Today my baby girl started a new High School with only 12 weeks left til graduation. I know she had to be more nervous than she was letting on this morning.

Luckily we moved back to our home town,so she does know a lot of the kids at school,but adjusting to a new environment has to be tough.

So to give her a little something to look forward to we started looking for Prom dresses online. I know we still have a little bit of time to decide,but what Prom dress you pick your Senior year is pretty important to most girls.

As we were looking we came across JenJenHouse and boy do they have a lot of beautiful Prom dresses to choose from!

I personally just love my daughter in yellow. This dress is what my dream Prom dress is for her,unfortunately she usually likes more sparkle. Mom can dream right?

I have to say even thinking about sending my baby girl to Prom is a bit depressing. She is already 18,but to me she is still just a little girl. The years have flown by so fast I can’t believe when I do buy her that perfect dress for Prom it will be for the very last time.

So shopping for that just right dress for her Senior year has become a great Mom and daughter bonding experience.

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With so many beautiful choices for Prom Dresses I don’t know how any girl decides on the perfect one for her. That is why I recommend getting an early start on shopping for Prom so you are not rushed and have plenty of time to find that dress that just makes your daughter shine.

Prom is a wonderful memory she will carry with her for a life time. High School maybe almost over for my baby girl,but her future is so bright and I am excited to see where this next stage of life takes her.

For now though,I want her just to enjoy being a kid for just a little bit longer and truly enjoy her Senior year and all it has to offer.





2 thoughts on “Never Too Early To Start Shopping For Prom

  1. I only hope that when my girls are that age they pick modest prom dresses. If not, they’ll be paying for it themselves!

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