NeoCell Beauty Bursts Review and Giveaway

I know most of us style our hair and put on makeup to make us feel more beautiful.But I never thought of ways to help my skin stay more beautiful from the inside. Well that was until I heard about Beauty Bursts by NeoCell.

Beauty Bursts come in two different flavors Fruit Punch and the flavor I received which is Fresh Mint Chocolate. These gourmet Collagen chews will last you a whole month. Each bag comes with 60 chews and you take just two a day.

These yummy little chews feed your skin with delectable bursts of nutrients including

-collagen type 1&3 (skin rebuilder)

hyaluronic acid (skin hydrator)

vitamin C (collagen enhancer)

I was really thinking when these first arrived that there was no way these could taste good. But boy was I so wrong. They actually have a really nice taste similar to a minted tootsie roll chew.

Overall I enjoyed the flavor of these chews and anything I can do to stay looking young longer is always a positive in my book.

You can find NeoCell on Facebook and Twitter and at their main website HERE

So would you like the chance to get an extra beauty burst from the inside out? Well you are in luck! The nice folks over at NeoCell are going to share a one month supply of Beauty Bursts with one lucky winner, so head over to my Facebook Fan Page to ENTER

12 thoughts on “NeoCell Beauty Bursts Review and Giveaway

  1. Interesting product, but I had to laugh before I realized they were good for you and not just a snack. I read that part where they last a whole month and thought to myself not in my house they wouldn’t. Anyway, very interesting and I’ll have to look into them a little more 🙂 Thank you!

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