My Amazing Blow Dry Secret Review

MyAmazingHair    Disclaimer:I was given my products to try and review in my home free of charge.Doing a review is always my choice and all opinions stated are mine and mine alone.

Recently I was sent a new hair product that you may have heard of or seen recently. My Amazing Blow Dry Secret is committed to solving the problem of not having enough time to get that perfect hairstyle.

We all know that blow drying and styling or straightening our hair takes time.For me it takes a lot of time! I have super thick,curly hair that takes about 30 minutes to dry and another hour to straighten. So the reality is I usually just wash and air dry to save time.

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I was sent all three of the products in the line and I am going to explain what they do and how they do it.

My Amazing Blow Dry Secret uses an exclusive coconut-oil based water-wicking system called Virgin Coconut Oil Hydrosol (VCOH) Accelerating Dispersion Matrix.The special super -fine molecules of coconut oil disperse quickly through your hair taking the water with it.Leaving only the Virgin coconut oil behind to help protect and reduce frizz. Plus it will leave your hair really shiny.

When I used all three products together I got better results than if I just used the Shake and Spray,but I do love using the spray to add extra frizz protection and shine even on days that I air dry my hair.

Overall I give these products a thumbs up. You will definitely have time to style your hair how every you like in a lot less time.






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