Murad Sunscreens and Murad Giveaway!

I got the chance to test and review Murad’s Broad Spectrum Sunscreens.As we are all told all the time.You do need sunscreen all the time.There are literally 100’s of options available when you are looking for the best.

My hubby has been shaving his head for many years now and I force him to wear his sunscreen.He hates that so many of the ones on the market leave a greasy fill on his head all day.Well he has been testing the Oil-Free SPF30 Murad and has fallen in love.This sunscreen leaves a nice matte finish with no added shine which is perfect for all those men who love the shaved head look!

I also got the chance to try the water-resistant version which only has to be reapplied every 80 minutes.This version has Murasol which provides free radical protection(I will take all the added protection I can get!),Pomegranate Extract and Vitamin E to deliver antioxidants and moisture to keep skin soft and subtle, and also hyaluronic Acid and plant lipids to preserve your natural skin barrier and to add long-lasting hydration.

Overall I have to say both of these sunscreens have become my new favorites!Glad to have finally found products that are great for the whole family that I can trust to do what they say!

The Oil Free version is 30 SPF and 1.7oz and retails for $31

The water proof version is SPF30 and 4.3oz and retails for $30

So I bet you are wanting to get your hands on these wonderful product and now you have the chance to win them!

Please go here:

Enter the rafflecopter drawing for a chance to win both products with a value of over $60.

*Disclaimer:Prize was provided by Murad for this giveaway.All reviews and thoughts are my personal opinion

2 thoughts on “Murad Sunscreens and Murad Giveaway!

  1. Matte finish? Wow – never thought a sunscreen could do that! I have yet to try any Murad products, so can’t say which one is my favorite, though I’d love to try their sunscreen now! 🙂

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