More Giveaway Fun At The Rosy Snail

Alright guys are you ready for the next set of lessons with The Rosy Snail? Remember that this huge event is taking place all month with tons and tons of great giveaways for the whole family.

Today I will catch you up with all the new giveaways that have come up in the last few days. Have fun,learn about some cool new products and try to win…Good Luck!

Lesson #6 I can get a natural looking tan from a bottle


As we all know by now tanning is bad for you,but that does not mean we don’t all want that gorgeous glow right? Well with Beautisol you can get a great glow without damaging your fragile skin.

If you would like to learn more about Beautisol and have a chance to win a tanning package worth $60 just head over HERE for a chance to win.

Lesson #7 “Cheap” Vs. Affordable



In the Blogisphere, it’s hard to use the word “cheap”. To me “cheap” can mean two VERY different things. It could mean something that you paid a nominal price for. Meaning, you got it cheaply, therefor making that item cheap…OR it could mean the more slang (for lack of a better word) of that definition of that word meaning that it’s just junk. While sometimes those two meanings can go hand-in-hand, I’ve quickly learned the difference between “Cheap” and Affordable.

One of the more affordable (being cheap in terms of cost, but never quality) is BH Cosmetics. Where high quality doesn’t have to have a high price tag!

Click HERE to read the full review and have a chance to win both items shown in the photos.See I told you this event was awesome!

Lesson #8 Don’t Skip on Gifts


I an really excited about this giveaway.Everything Green Leaf Gifts makes smells wonderful.I know because I got one of these wonderful candles.It smells so good and burned every last drop of wax.No waste left behind.

To have a chance to read the full review and enter to win this wonderful smell good package please go HERE.

Lesson #9 Rainy weather,Don’t Care


Chooka Boots are where Fashion meets Function. These boots are perfect for rainy weather, gardening and yard work or even other outdoor chores that might include water like washing the car.They’re cute, comfortable and did I mention cute?!

So go HERE for a chance to win your own Chooka Rain Boots.

So guys there you have it for now. Hope you are having as much fun celebrating The Rosy Snails Blogiversary Event as I am.

I will be back with more great giveaways in a few days.

Disclaimer:I was not paid for this post.I am sharing them for a friend and all  giveaway entries will be verified for accuracy.Winners info will be shared with the company.


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