Mind The Store For Safer Chemicals and Healthier Families

Safer Chemicals, Healthy FamiliesPlease join me today in signing this petition. Getting toxic chemicals out of our environment should be important to everyone. What we eat,wear,wash, and clean with can harm us.

There are lots of new Auto-immune Disorders that are thought to be caused by toxic chemicals in our environment. We don’t have to sit back any longer and let this happen. We all need to stand up and scream for change.

An easy step you can take today is to SIGN this petition. Join us in asking the Big Ten Retailers to get tough on the Hazardous 100+ toxic chemicals! Together we can really start to move the marketplace towards safer chemicals.

You only have til June 1st,2013 to sign,so please if you want to start helping to make this world safer for the next generation please sign now.

Also so you know who the Big Ten are

-Best Buy








-Home Depot


Disclaimer:I was not paid nor sponsored in any way to share this.It is something that is really important to me.


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