Microbiome Plus+ Heart Probiotic Review + Giveaway

Today I would like to share with you a supplement that is dear to my heart.

Microbiome Plus Heart Probiotics can help keep your heart healthy with ease and help your bowels and stomach at the same time.

So what is it you ask?

Microbiome Plus+ supplements provide the following benefits:

  • More complete dietary supplements*
  • Microbiome-based solutions plus essential ingredients*
  • Natural, effective, safe solutions*
  • Supports healthy bile metabolism*
  • Works with the body’s natural processes*
  • Provides the most effective clinically proven ingredients*

This is an easy to take supplement that takes the guess-work out of dosing and puts multiple probiotics and Omega 3 fatty acids into your body with 2 doses a day. Simply take it first thing in the morning and with the last meal of the day.

Heart health is very important to me as heart disease runs rampant in the women of my Mother’s side of the family. I recently turned 40 and have taken a better look lately at what I put into my body.

You see my Grandmother had her first heart scare at 40 and this is what I am reminded of every time my heart skips a beat or has a slight ache. I get scared and think oh no there goes my heart.

At the end of the day I know I don’t control everything that happens to my body or my heart, but there are steps I can take to make sure I am doing everything within my power to stay heart healthy.

Microbiome Plus+ GI - Ultimate Probiotic and Prebiotic Supplement Clinically Proven and Developed by Doctors - Best for Digestive and Intestinal Health - Boost Immune and Helps Weight Loss - Advanced Probiotic and Prebiotic Combination for Women and Men - Probiotic L. reuteri NCIMB 30242 and Prebiotic scFOS - Allergy Safe - 1 Month Supply

The same company also makes Microbiome Plus GI. This supplement helps keep your gut as happy as your heart. With an advanced pre and probiotic complex to keep your gastrointestinal tract running healthy and smooth. Plus it helps build up your immune system. An added bonus to this is that you just might lose weight as well. What a wonderful bonus that would be right?

Well if you would like to give these awesome new supplements a try, then I am happy to say that 1 lucky reader will win a supply to try for themselves and get on the road today to better heart and bowel health. Simply follow the simple Rafflecopter instructions below for a chance to win!
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One thought on “Microbiome Plus+ Heart Probiotic Review + Giveaway

  1. I would give this to my mom. For the past year she has been miraculously recovering from a heart surgery that went terribly wrong. She had triple bypass and had an aortic aneurism repair; while in the recovery ICU she had a tear in the aorta. Luckily, her surgeon was nearby; they began a second surgical procedure right in the ICU and rushed her back into surgery. It was a very traumatic 8 weeks of being in ICU and then a cardiac rehab center. I try all the time to get my parents to both take better care of their heart health. I’ve never hear of these supplements, but they sound wonderful! Thank you for the chance of winning!

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