Mario Badescu Acne Control Kit Review Holiday Gift Guide 2013

Acne Skin Care - Mario Badescu Skin Care

Disclaimer:We were given our kit free of charge to review and test in our home.Doing a review is always my choice and all opinions stated are mine and mine alone.

As the Holidays are fast approaching I started asking my two teens still living at home what they would like for Christmas this year. My son who is 19 and a Freshman in college said he would like an acne treatment kit that actually worked!

I never would have guessed he would want acne products for a gift? But since the acne products that truly do a good job cost a bit more, and he is on a small budget he would rather ask for it then buy it.

So Mario Badescu sent him their Acne Control Kit to test and review.

The kit came in this handy carry all bag and had everything you need for the daily care to keep skin clean,clear and acne free.The kit contained


  • 6oz. Acne Facial Cleanser
  • 8oz. Special Cucumber Lotion
  • 2oz. Drying Mask
  • .5 oz. Drying Cream
  • 1 oz. Drying Lotion
  • Plus the complimentary tote bag,compact mirror and bath sponge( this is worth an additional $25 value


I loved that it was a complete all-in-one kit with easy to use products that work great for both guys and girls.My daughter keeps sneaking the Drying Lotion to stop her occasional pimple from getting started.

This Kit has worked wonders on his skin since I gave it to him early.He is in college and didn’t want to wait for fresh,clean skin til Christmas and I couldn’t blame him. He works in fast food in a very oily environment and has pretty much been breaking out for the last year consistently.

His face is now almost blemish free and looks great.What teen or young adult would not like clean,clear skin this Holiday Season?

So please check out Mario Badescu for your Holiday needs.



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