Love with Food June 2012

Well guys after trying so many beauty boxes my hubby was getting jealous!So we decided to test out one of the food boxes available for a monthly subscription.

We choose Love with Food because it was only $10 monthly $2 shipping and for every box purchased they donate a meal to fight hunger.I really liked that they did something nice to help fight hunger and didn’t just pocket all the money.

This box shipped FEDEX so it arrived fairly quickly, and I couldn’t wait to open it up and see what we got!

As you can see it was stuffed to the brim!! The theme of the June box is Take Me Out To The Ballgame! So the treats are supposed to evoke memories of peanuts and cracker jacks…….

The 1st item is the Caramel Corn Jr. Cobb.This is a caramel popcorn ball-shaped like an ear of corn.Very cute but I can buy these at my local HEB so was not too happy to see this in my box. If you want to purchase these they run about $5 for 2.

The next item was 3 individual tea bags from Mighty Leaf Tea.I was happy to see these as I am an avid hot tea drinker.I had the Chamomile Citrus last night and it was amazing.They hand sew with silk the biodegradable tea bags, and they are stuffed with fresh tea and fruit so big you can see the chunks! I will be purchasing these in the future.

They sell on the website for $9.95 for 15 bags/2 boxes for $25

We also got 4 pieces of Salt Water taffy from Taffy Town. These were really good,but not any better than other salt water taffy’s available.These sell for $7.00 for 10oz

The next item was the Nunes Farms Spicy Cocktail Almonds.My hubby had these as a late night snack and said they were really tasty.They were huge almonds and looked fancy!We got a 1oz bag but you can buy an 8oz bag for $8.50.Will consider buying these as a healthy snack for the hubby since he really enjoyed them

Next are these super yummy Organic gummy bears by Surf Sweets. These are super fruity and are free of corn syrup and gluten and are made with organic fruit juice and organic sweeteners. Each bag is 2.75oz and if you purchase you get 6 bags for $11.

These are a bit pricey for me,so I was sad when I saw the price because these are so good!!

This cookie is so big it took up half the box by itself! It is made by Cougar Mountain Baking Co. in Seattle,WA

It is called a Ballpark cookie and is made specially for Seattle’s Safeco Field.It is full of peanuts,toffee, and chocolate and is big enough to share. You can purchase 8 cookies for $4 on there website,but shipping is almost $12 making them about $16 for 8?

I really enjoyed this cookie and they have lots of flavors to choose from.  purchase at

The final item was the Honey straws from Nature’s Kick 20 straws for $5

these straw are filled with juicy peach or Wildflower Honey.Seems like a big waste of plastic to me?I had to use scissors to open them and I used mine in my tea,but really would need at least 2 per drink to sweeten it. I personally would just buy a bottle of honey.

Well there you go that is what we found stuffed full in our Love With Food box.

Overall I was happy with this box except my cookie was a bit melted and I had to put right in freezer when it arrived.I also had one honey straw open and leaking in the box when it arrived.

So in all honesty I was getting on to cancel this box when I saw an email from the company.I opened it up to see  what it was and it was just a promotional email, but it had a contact email.So before I canceled I emailed them to tell them about the melted cookie and honey leaking.I got an email back from the founder himself within an hour stating that they would be more careful about what products they shipped during the hot summer months and that they had refunded my full cost of my box!

WOW what great customer service! So since we technically got this box for free! We are going to stay a member and give Love With Food another month to convince us how great they are!

If you would like to give them a try yourself go to and use code: BASEBALL to save $5 off your 1st box

You can also earn points by doing reviews and purchasing products from the site to then cash in for free food!

please use my personal link to sign up if you decide to join:


Disclaimer:I personally paid for this box myself and this is not an ad for the company but my personal reviews.

Let me know what you think