LaVender Natural Cosmetics Gentle Care Olive Oil Facial Soap Review

Lavender Cosmetics

When I got the chance recently to try LaVender Cosmetics Gentle Care Olive Oil Facial Soap I was really excited.

LaVender Cosmetics¬† is very conscious of how their products effect the environment around them. This means even more to me now,since recently one of my daughters was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis(MS). One of the ways they believe people get MS is by toxins in the environment. If you don’t believe by now that what we do to the Earth affects us all,then you must still be living in the Dark ages.

This super Gentle Care Olive Oil Facial Soap  is a natural facial soap made with extra-virgin olive oil . It smells heavenly of lavender which I just love personally. It took off all my makeup easily including my mascara.Plus with the olive oil it helped to moisturize my skin so well.

As you can see this soap has no added colors it was completely clear. Plus it only took a very small amount to wash my entire face and neck area. I have tried other olive oil facial soaps,but none of them seemed to moisturizer as well as this one did and they all cost a small fortune.

With a son about to graduate from high school and another grand baby on the way I just can’t afford to spend an arm and a leg on my face wash. Well with LaVender’s Olive Oil Facial Soap you don’t have to. It retails for a very affordable $33. I know some of you think $33 is still high,but you have to remember it only takes a small amount so this bottle will last you a long time.

This product earns a huge A+ from me as it works great,cares about the Earth,and it is affordable for the every day lady.

Disclaimer:I was given a product to review.Doing a review is always my choice and I am always honest about my opinions of the products I review.All opinions stated are mine and mine alone.





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  1. This sounds amazing! I wonder how it would do on skin that tends to break out around that time. Do you happen to know?

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