Kleenex Hand Towels








My family has pledged to Kleenex to take a stand for clean hands!

Kleenex has come out with a new product I am happy to share with everybody.Kleenex Hand Towels come in a cute dispenser that fits right on your towel rack or flat on the counter.We actually have ours in the kitchen so we just sat it right beside the sink where everybody can see it.

Did you know,in the USA alone we as a whole wash our hands 200 billion times.To really get your hands clean you should use a clean ,fresh towel every time.I know my family has been guilty of using a hand towel hanging on the stove to dry our hands.I have always known this wasn’t the best thing,but didn’t really think how nasty it really was! Well Kleenex has solved this problem with these super soft,single pop up towels for the whole family.Also if you have sensitive skin as my youngest daughter does you can feel safe using these on even the most sensitive skin as they are ink free,dye free and soft yet durable.

To find out more about these great new hand towels please go to kleenex.com and check them out now! These are available at walmart for $2.97 a box of 60.


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