Keep Your Family Safe with React Mobile Personal Safety App

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As a runner I always carry my phone with me in case of an emergency. The reality is will I have time to make a call if an emergency really happens?

Well with the React Mobile App I can have peace of mind while running. This app works for both iPhone and Android and is completely free to download.

This app has a Follow Me feature that lets the contacts you select track your whereabouts in real-time. So I can just link to my husband and he knows where I am even on those long runs when he starts to wonder if I am okay. It even has an I’m Safe button to let him no when I have arrived safely at my desired location.

I have also installed this on my two teenagers phones. So now I know if my daughter is really at the mall where she is supposed to be and I know my son is safer on his college campus.

Plus in an emergency all you have to do is press the SOS shield to send out a panic alert containing your GPS location. It will then prompt you to call 911 and can even be posted to Facebook and Twitter.

This should be required on every students phones on college campuses it could save someones life.

So if you too want to keep your loved ones safe then head over to iTunes or the Google Play Store and download this app for FREE. It could save you or a loved ones live.

You can never be too safe in today’s crazy world.





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