Jord Watches Make The Best Father’s Day Gifts

Wood Watches by JORD LogomarkDisclaimer:I was given my product free of charge to review in our home. However all opinions stated are mine and mine alone.

Womens Wooden Watches

Father’s Day is this Sunday. Have you taken care of good ol Dad yet? If not don’t panic, I am about to show you the perfect gift.

My husband is one of those guys who seems to have everything. He is really difficult for me to shop for. But this year is different.

I actually surprised him with a unique gift that he loves!

I got him this gorgeous Jord Wooden Watch a couple of weeks ago and he has worn it every single day since. His favorite color is blue so I chose this blue faced Delmar Series Wooden Watch.

This watch came in the perfect size, because when you order they send you the instructions on how to measure what size you need the watch to be. His fit perfectly after the sizing was done, so he could wear it right out of the box.

Even the box was a work of art and my husband now is using it as his little keepsake box. The whole packaging of this watch is special and you can be proud you gifted this to someone you love.

They also make some really nice ladies watches which I hope to get for myself soon. They will add a touch of class to my Summer Fashion.




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