Influenster Beauty Blogger VoxBox 2012

So guys I have to say I was stoked to get picked for this VoxBox from Influenster. This is the Beauty Bloggers Box and I am in love.

If you haven’t joined Influenster yet,you are missing out on some great free products and fun Brand Challenges. Head over there now and sign up and start grabbing badges. The more badges the better and before long you too will get a great VoxBox to review and try.

So here is the Beauty Blogger box in all its glory:

This is the only item in the box that didn’t really excite me.I have already tried it in 2 other boxes.This is Eboost it is a daily health boost with natural energy.Kind of like Emergen-C but with added energy.I think it taste just like Tang.

You can find these here just click on photo

They retail for $28 for a box of 20

This item I was happy to see in my box. I can’t wear mascara because I am allergic to every one I try,even the organic ones. Also I have never tried false eyelashes before thinking they would drive me crazy! Well the Kiss Ever Pro Lash starter Kit is the perfect answer.They come with an easy applicator tool that makes the whole process a piece of cake.Plus these beauties are made from real human hair and are latex-free.They will hold for 24 hours so you can bat those lashes all day and night.

These retail for only $5.99 and are reusable. You can find these at your local Walgreens and online.

This next funny looking item I had seen in the store and asked my self will these work???? They are Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin.

These helped to  hold my hair in the perfect bun.I have thick,frizzy and super curly hair.I used these the other day to get a quick style and they held my hair perfectly without falling out.

These can be found at Walmart ,Target and lots of other places. They retail for $7.29 and each pack has 2 pins.

So like I just said I have super frizzy hair,so this next product helps solve that. This is Not Your Mother’s Smooth Moves frizz control cream. It is infused with coconut and silk extracts. This product smells so nice. Coconut oils seem to be in lots of products these days.From hair to laundry.It softens and smooths all naturally which is what I love most.No yucky chemicals needed.

I found this at Walmart,Target,Ulta and many other places. It retails for $5.99 for 4oz.

I also got this tiny Bath& Body Works Candle in Nutmeg and Spice to try,plus a coupon to buy another 3 wick candle of my choice for $10 off. I had already purchased 5 of these sampler candles earlier in the week to decide on my favorite scent. Right now you can get 2 small candles for $5. I loved this scent and will be buying this exact candle for my large one.

You can find the whole line of great smelling products at Large 3 wick candles retail for $20 each

If you want the same great deal $10 off 3 wick candle use code:F126566 at checkout on up to 5 candles.Makes them half price!!! Deal ends Oct. 28,2012 So hurry!!!

The final item in this wonderful box was NYC Limited Edition IndividualEyes eyeshadow. I received Dark Shadows. I don’t own very many eye shadows that give you dreamy,smoky eyes so I was happy to get these colors.Will be wearing these next weekend for our family dinner out.

The cool thing about this set is that it comes with everything you need to get that perfect look.It includes primer,highlighter, and illuminator shadows. Plus you get all this for only $4.99!!!
Check out to see full product line.These can be found at your local Walmart,Target or drugstore.

So ladies if you think you would love to get your own FREE box of products head over to now and sign up!!!

Let me know what you think