I’m The Daddy Scrubs Review

Disclaimer:I was given a pair of scrubs free of charge to review in our home.Doing a review is always my choice and all opinions stated are mine and mine alone.

So has anybody been wondering where I have been this last week? Did anyone miss me while I was gone?

Well I have some exciting news to share with everyone that started last Wednesday morning at 5:32 am. Me and my husband awoke to my cell phone ringing. It was our daughter who lives two and a half hours away letting us know that her water had broken and it was time to head back to our home town to meet our newest grand baby and our first granddaughter.

So we scrambled out of bed and woke up the other 2 kids and were in the car and off in under 30 minutes.

We then arrived at the hospital to see my daughter coping well and Daddy wearing his I’m the Daddy Scrubs which were such a hit with the hospital staff. None of the nurses had ever seen anyone with a pair of these cool scrubs that make Daddy feel just as special as Mom on this important day in their lives.

Here is Daddy showing off the back of his scrub shirt. There is no mistaking who the Father is if Dad is wearing these adorable and comfortable medical scrubs.

They also carry a wide variety of other products for expectant Daddy’s.They have every thing from T-shirts to Hoodies. They even have a back pack that will double as a Daddy diaper bag in the future.

I thought it was really nice that Daddy ended up with something special just for him on this special day meeting his new daughter.

So after waiting patiently all day, my granddaughter finally arrived at 6:12 pm weighing in at 6lb. 9oz. 20 in. long. Her name is Kaydence and we are so smitten by her I can’t even put it into words yet.

Isn’t she just gorgeous! This Nanny is so in love I had a VERY hard time coming back home. In fact I plan on heading back to our home town possibly as soon as this weekend to get my hands back on that beautiful baby girl!

So I want to say welcome to the family Miss Kaydence I am sure you will be making many appearances on Nanny’s blog.

And for all of you who would love to check out Daddy Scrubs, I have include links to all their Social Media Channels below.







5 thoughts on “I’m The Daddy Scrubs Review

  1. Congrats!!!! Look at that BEAUTIFUL baby!! These scrubs are really cool, though we may not go another round, I love these as a gift for a new Daddy-to-be!

  2. Awwww, how sweet and what great timing for a review <3 I sure we wish we had those scrubs when we delivered out children. Almost makes me want to have another one, ALMOST 😉

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