Happy Hemp Passport to Happiness


I am really excited to tell you guys about Happy Hemp. My family 1st discovered this product in our Healthy Surprises box. We all loved it so much I contacted the company personally to see if I could share them with you guys. Of course they where nice enough to send me a couple of more bags to share my experience with everybody!

The first bag I am sharing with you today is the regular Happy Hemp it is Vegan,Gluten-free, and raw. You can eat these wonderful hemp seeds straight from the bag or spread on your pb&j sandwiches,oatmeal, ect. ,but I have to say they taste wonderful straight from the bag! These original seeds help with digestion,sleep,weight control,hair/nails,complexion,menstrual&menopause ease, and over all well-being.

The other package of yummy hemp seeds we received was the Toasted Hemp Seeds. All these are also certified organic and GMO-free. Hemp is also one of the greatest sources of protein and Omega 3&6. You might not have realized all the healthy benefits of hemp do to the stigma around hemp and hemp products.Trust me this is a wonderful ,healthy, easy to eat product that does wonders for your body’s health. This toasted variety also has some different needs it meets then the raw seeds.This is also a great source of fiber,iron,vitamin E&B. So as you can see the health benefits are great!
They sale both of these two in 3 sizes 2oz-$6 8oz-$12 12oz-$16

So please go give them a look and see how Happy Hemp can give you your own Passport to Happiness at

happy-hemp.comĀ  *As an added bonus to me Happy Hemp is locally packaged in Austin,TX

*Disclaimer All reviews and opinions made are mine and do not reflect Happy Hemp in anyway.I was not paid for this review,just a happy customer:)


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