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When my daughter was a baby she was a tiny preemie who had lots of allergies.When she finally was winged off formula we found out really fast how bad her milk allergy really was.The Dr. chose to switch her to goats milk, and that was all she drank until she was 3 and started to out grow her allergies.

So I did a lot of research back then on goat’s milk and was surprised to find out that it made a great moisturizer and really nice soap.

and that brings me to The Jonas family.Mom ,Dad and 8 kids run a goat farm and work together as a family to make soaps,candles.bath fizzies,lip balms,laundry soap and many more items. I think it is super cool that they are instilling such a great work ethic in their children and that this is truly homemade soap.

I received 1 full bar in Cool Basil Citrus and 2 half bars in almond and oatmeal milk and honey.

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The bars I got are a very generous size and you can tell they were hand cut.My receipt was even signed by one of the kids,which was such a cute touch.

My husband really loved this soap.It lathers up like crazy and works so well as a shaving cream.”It also doesn’t smell to girly” he said:) Overall this soap was a huge hit at our home and I will be getting more to share as gifts with friends in the near future.

Please check out Goat Milks Stuff for yourself you won’t be disappointed.

Disclaimer:I was given the bars of soap to review.Doing a review was my choice and I only review items I truly like.All opinions are mine and mine alone.


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